Core Values

Caring for others is one of the most challenging and emotionally draining jobs that a person can have. Staying focused on our mission can be difficult as we feel the hardships of a typical day, especially as we pour out our hearts for the residents. Our core values keep in our minds what is most important: kindness, childlike wonder, patience, courage, honesty, humility, humor, and dedication. Our core values center us and are values for our entire lives, not just for when you clock in to work. If these values speak to you (or if you already hold them dear), you are well on your way to belonging with The Parkway’s family.

Responsible Freedom

A healthy working environment begins with trust. When you get hired on at The Parkway, it’s because we’ve deemed you trustworthy. Our rigorous application process with additional steps ensures that every employee is a fantastic fit – so we know from the start that your heart is in the right place.

Is The Parkway the workplace for you?

We have covered a lot about you being the right person for The Parkway – but this is a two-way street. What about The Parkway being the right place for you? Learn more about the benefits of working here and see if we could be the place you want to be!

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A Partner in Building Life.

The Parkway isn’t just a bunch of employees – we are friends and family. While money is necessary and important, financial benefits are just part of what we offer. Learn more about the personal and professional benefits available to every employee of The Parkway.

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But What Do Employees Have to Say?

Don’t take our word for it – learn about working at The Parkway from colleagues. We could talk until we’re blue in the face, but we all know there’s nothing like hearing things first hand. Find out more from other Arrow employees!

I can say without hesitation, that Arrow Senior Living is the ONLY place for me to work! I’m coming up on the 7th year of working for such a great company! Arrow has given me the opportunity to truly serve the people that are so dear to my heart! I guess one could say, I really found myself and found my calling when I began my journey with Arrow. I started out at the Fremont Senior Living as the resident services coordinator, housekeeper and meal service coordinator. My heart is to serve the residents, in my current role as the regional resident services director, I am able to do just that on a larger scale! Arrow has the neatest core values, my favorite is “I believe in a power of a chuckle” I am currently reminded to always find the best in life. I truly believe Arrow strives to make every moment matter and makes that moment the best moment to every resident, family member, as well as staff!   Arrow is a company with a ton of potential and growth and I am honored to work for such a remarkable company!

—Kayla Barlow

After spending 14 years in healthcare, I finally found my home with Arrow Senior Living 4 years ago. I started at The Fremont Senior Living as the Business Office Director and knew my heart was at the right place early on. The community is like no other I have worked for. Its home-like environment is not just for the residents but for the team members as well. From day one you embrace the core values and you see how they impact residents quality of life. Arrow is a great company to grow with – it promotes within and the employee appreciation, incentives, and benefits are just a bonus on top of making residents and team members smile. I have become lifelong friends with this team, and I can happily say I love my job and enjoy coming to work. I look forward to working with Arrow for many years to come.

—Mandy Wilks