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September 1, 2023

The Parkway Senior Living Plant Operations Shares the Importance of Changing Air Filters

Category: Senior Living

Author: Robert Setina, Plant Operations Director

An important rule to remember when it comes to making sure your air conditioner works well, is to clean or change the air filter regularly. The purpose of the filter is to help clean the air coming into your home, it’s like a net catching all the tiny particles floating in the air. New or cleaned filters keep your AC happy and working nicely. The manufacturer or installer should suggest how often to service filters; however, if you live in a place with a lot of dirt and dust, you will want to clean the filters more often.

At The Parkway Senior Living we understand the air conditioner needs good, quality air to do its job efficiently. Clean air filters allow the air conditioner to cool the community better, making both residents and staff feel more comfortable.

Air conditioners are also smart, they are like robots notifying if something is wrong and even what is wrong! Just like you need regular visits to the doctor for a check-up, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance. Having an HVAC professional check your air conditioner on a regular basis is the best way to keep it smart and keep you cool on those hot summer days.

I enjoy changing out my filters every three months, making sure they are clean, and the unit can breathe clearly. When the air flow from the unit is blowing warmer than it should, I grab my R410 freon and charging lines, and fill the unit with the correct amount of freon, so the AC will blow like a north wind.

Maintaining your HVAC properly will ensure the unit last longer and work more efficiently. I make sure and check on my units when changing out filters to make sure they are working as expected. I also check that fans are blowing the right way and the compressor is turning on when it’s supposed to. Debris is always kept clear, so air flow can continue to move efficiently around the compressor.

Changing air filters is one of the most important maintenance tasks completed to extend the efficiency and life of air conditioners. Checking and replacement of filters should be completed on a regular schedule. Filters are much cheaper than air conditioner units.

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