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August 25, 2023

Good Friends Make Great Neighbors at The Parkway Senior Living

Category: Senior Living

Author: Charlie Johnson

A significant number of current residents of The Parkway Senior Living Villas have one thing in common: they attended Graceland University. This group is a perfect example of how good friends make great neighbors in a senior living community. 

What started with just a few, this friend group has grown to include multiple individuals and couples with previous connections to Graceland University and the Community of Christ Church. “We all decided one-by-one this is where we wanted to live,” Everett said. 

Lynn, another resident commented, “I have a real connection to this group because I know almost every single one of them or their family. I went to Graceland with Judy and Everett, Barb and Jerry, and with Elly 65 years ago. I’ve known Ray from our church, The Community of Christ for many years. I know Bill, I know his whole family. We are family here.” This is a prime example of the interconnection within this special group of friends. 

The consensus of the troop is having good friends close by is comforting, knowing there is friendship, assistance, and someone to help take care of you or your spouse if needed. “It makes a difference to know somebody,” said Judy. 

It’s not just about our group within, explained Everett, “It’s much more than this click of people down here in the Villas, the friendships are growing out, the number of friends.” He told how they enjoy meeting new people from both the north villas and the lodge as well. Their favorite place to make new friendships is around the dining table. 

“I could have moved somewhere else,” commented Bill. “There’s no place like this. There’s no place like home. I’m happy to be here where friendships run deep and strong.” 

Lynn said with open arms, “Come join our group!” 

The Parkway Senior Living in Blue Springs, MO offers senior villas, independent senior apartments, assisted living, and memory care with a variety of services and a range of floor plan options. Amenities include restaurant dining, 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, transportation services, and more. Centrally located near St. Mary’s Medical Center and St. Luke’s Eastwith convenient access to major shopping centers and attractions, including Adams Point Golf Course, KC Royals Stadum, KC Chiefs Stadium, Sporting KC, KC Comets, KC Mavericks, Adams Dairy Landing, and Blue Springs Parks, Trails, and Lakes .

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